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Pavla Sceranková

Born 24 February 1980 in Košice, Slovakia. Has lived and worked in Prague since 2000. Studied conceptual and intermedia art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (2000–2006), where she completed her doctoral studies in 2011 in the area of Artistic Creation. As part of a stipend, she spent a year studying under professor Tony Cragg in Berlin. She is a two-time nominee for the Jindřich Chalupecký Award, and won the Václav Chad Award at the Zlín Salon of Young Artists in 2009 and the Cyprián Award at the Trnava Biennial in 2007. 
Since 2015, she has co-taught (along with Dušan Zahoranský) the Studio of Monumental Art at Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts.

Klatov Pavla Sceranková 2011, b/w film, 5:06 min

In Klatov, Pavla Sceranková works with found film material from her grandfather’s archives. Her video presents an edited selection of amateur footage made from the mid-1950s until the late 1960s in the village of Klatov near Košice, Slovakia.

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