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exhibition - the illusion of painting - Inner Monologue

Inner Monologue

Pavel Příkaský and Miroslava Večeřová, 2016, video, 7:14 min.

In the video Inner Monologue, we watch a gentle medical-painting therapy that alternates with graceful images
of bodies floating in colored liquids. The camera films in close-up as a woman’s voice (Sally
Troughton) whispers quietly. However, it is just as important to start listening as it is to
watch. Only when we listen to the voiceover do we realize what kind of waiting room we are
actually in. This isn’t about treating the ills that afflict the human body – it is about cursing
the world of headlong technological development and our need to control processes that are
uncontrollable. In the video, modern society is dissolved in a solution of slow-motion,
calmness, gentle flowing, and attention to detail. The “procedure” of painting on the patient’s
body is a metaphor for a magic ritual on the body of society. (JIří Ptáček, 2018)

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