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Elen Řádová

Born in 1963 in Bratislava, lives and works in Prague. In 1990–1997, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (under Aleš Veselý and in Michael Bielický’s new media studio). An intermedia artist and the first Czech female DJ, she is one of the first Czech women artists to work with video. In 1995, she garnered attention with her interactive video installation Coming Closer, which won an award at the Orbis Fictus exhibition at the Soros Centre for Contemporary Art. She has worked at Rádio 1 since 2001.


Venus Elen Řádová 1993, video, 9:26 min.

One of Řádová’s first student videos (and also one of the first digital animations to be created by a Czech artist), Venus consists of a series of intimate close-up shots of a woman shaving various parts of her body. 

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