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Pavla Sceranková 2011, b/w film, 5:06 min

In Klatov, Pavla Sceranková works with found film material from her grandfather’s archives. Her video presents an edited selection of amateur footage made from the mid-1950s until the late 1960s in the village of Klatov near Košice, Slovakia. The images pull us into the atmosphere of a forgotten part of eastern Slovakia: dancing children, bees, close-ups of flowering trees, and impressive images of the landscape and the village’s surroundings, including a half-built prefab panel-housing estate. The people, captured at a certain moment in their lives, affect us by what Roland Barthes called “punctum.” We know that the people speaking to us through their smiles, individual gestures, and fixed gazes are going to die.

The collage is underscored with music by the contemporary English composer Naomi Pinnock, who lives and works in Berlin. The piece, composed directly for this video, is a fitting match for the emotional tone of the visual record.


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