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exhibition - in-memory-i-am - Doppelgänger (Dvojník)

Doppelgänger (Dvojník)

Ján Mančuška 2009, barevný film

Ján Mančuška takes the viewer straight into the action through two male figures speaking in parallel who seemingly have nothing to do with one another.

The first man is standing with his back to a projection screen on which the second man is speaking at the same time. The image on the screen in the background is silent, so we can only glean the words from his lips. It isn’t important whether the event they are talking about truly happened the way they both remember. Within the context of Ján Mančuška’s conceptual work, the creation of a story may strike the viewer as anachronistic. Mančuška is consciously confronting us with his conflicting goal of giving the work meaning. The central motif of Doppelgänger is uncertain identity. The actors are also storytellers. They do not have names. We know only the place where they live, which is a reference to the artist’s personal life – Mančuška is originally from Bratislava and spent most of his life in Prague.

The work of Ján Mančuška combines elements of film, theater, and performance art. It is an attempt at rediscovering a pure form of art without genres and at finding a way of understanding, all of which postmodernism has lost. The medium for presenting this new experience is the phenomenon of body language.


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