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exhibition - in-memory-i-am - I’ve Been Thirty for Sixty Years (Už šedesát let je mi třicet)

I’ve Been Thirty for Sixty Years (Už šedesát let je mi třicet)

Adéla Babanová 1. part: House of Eva Weber: 2010, 2. part: Eva Weber: 1912 - ?, 3. part: House of Eva Weber: 1930 - 2140

In her documentary about the non-aging actress Eva Weber, Babanová touches on questions of time and its denial, and shows the timeless human desire for immortality, eternal beauty, and youth.

Babanová’s staged reportage introduces us to a married couple of significantly disproportionate ages. We follow the handheld camera through the grounds of the decaying Functionalist villa inhabited by Weber and her 110-year-old husband. The images showing the real state of things are combined with slow-motion shots of the story’s main character, which hint at the possibility that something is amiss. Everything around the actress is subject to change, but she is still thirty years old. Her husband is aging and their house from the late 1920s is slowly sinking into the ground.

Reality contrasts with the fictional story. Babanová makes use of manipulated black-and-white photographs and costumes to create a sharp contrast between past and present. Her video is not just an ironic look at human foolishness, but also a critique of modernism and an allusion to the utopian nature of Functionalist architecture.


1. part: House of Eva Weber (2010, b/w video)
2. part: Eva Weber: 1912 - ? (b/w fotografie, animation, 6:21 min.)
3. part: House of Eva Weber: 1930 - 2140 (3D animation, 3:32 min.)

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