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exhibition - the illusion of painting - Something in the Picture

Something in the Picture

Anna Balážová 2011, video, 4:47 min.

The video Something in the Picture is a collage of parallel unrelated sounds and images showing close-ups of people and artificial (cinematic) landscapes. “Despite its name,” writes Anna Balážová, “Something in the Picture tries to point towards what is outside the image.” Most of the video was shot during preparations for the animated film The Solid Ground, which Anna Balážová created in collaboration with Katarína Hládeková, making it something like a fragmentary record of the filmmaking process.

Anna Balážová composes the close-up shots of reality, the fragments of animation and studio-created settings (landscapes), the bits and pieces of a whispered conversation, of some kind practical discussion regarding filming conditions, the click-clacking of solid heels on the floor, and various unidentifiable sounds with a certainty regarding their associative effects. (…) Something in the Picture is a creative and original transformation of the working footage and cutting-room leftovers from The Solid Ground into a distinctive audiovisual work whose imaginative visuality is interwoven with fragmentary references to the working process of filmmaking and animation. In a sense, it is a preliminary overturning (inversion) of the rules for an as-yet non-existent work.” (Jiří Ptáček, 2011)

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